Should you get loose-fill asbestos insulation testing?

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If you suspect a property you currently own or manage may have loose-fill asbestos insulation in the walls, ceiling or under the floors, you may also be wondering if you should find a company to help you find out.

After all, if you listen to the experts, loose-fill asbestos insulation can become a major health hazard.

Yes, in fact, loose-fill asbestos insulation can be very dangerous. Especially if it has been located in your property’s walls and floors for many years and has escaped into the air.

That is why most experts say you should have your home checked for it and, if tests do find it located in your property, deal with the problem as soon as you possibly can.

What is loose-fill asbestos insulation? — This is a type of asbestos that was used for insulation in homes several decades ago.

It tends to be seen as a health hazard as it is made up of very small pieces of asbestos. These pieces can escape from under floors and in walls and easily get into the air. Once there, they can be breathed in by you or a member of your family.

How to get your property tested — Thankfully, getting your property checked for loose-fill asbestos insulation is not difficult. Many companies do it, and the testing itself does not take long to do.

Find a company online that offers it and compare the prices they offer with other companies in your area. Choose the one that has the lowest price and that can come to your property to run the necessary tests within just a few days.

How long does testing take? — While it depends on the size of your property, in most cases it only takes a couple of hours.

Air samples will be taken around your property, along with samples of any materials that could possibly be asbestos. These samples will then be sent to a local lab for testing.

Testing itself usually takes less than 24 hours, so you will get the results quite quickly.



Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation

It’s Not Just A Dust – It’s A Killer

Once processed asbestos is broken down into fibers and particles that it can be a deadly killer to your lungs and breathing. And the bad news about asbestos, especially loose-fill asbestos, is that it’s sneaky simply because there are NO symptoms. Well, shortness of breath may give you a clue and if not taken care of, will increase. Even some x-ray’s make it hard to check since, as time passes, asbestos will cause shadows resulting in bronchiectasis and failure of the right side of the heart. What this article is doing is attempting to give you a picture of how really dangerous any type of asbestos can be to your lungs, ovary and larynx; think cancer and other lethal diseases like mesothelioma.

What About Loose-fill Asbestos As Insulation?

Basically, loose-fill is crushed asbestos. And before any medical thoughts entered the picture, in the years of 1960 and 1970, loose-filled, raw asbestos in the crushed form was installed as ceiling insulation in thousands of homes around the country. Overtime all of those tiny fibers were able to leave the ceiling and make a new home into living spaces. Of course, once the government (ACT Asbestos Health Study) found how risky loose-filled asbestos is, or could be, determined that the best way to ensure health and safety was to have it removed. In other words, folks, ACT said that loose-filled insulation is unsafe.

Note: Medical studies between the years of 1983 and 2013 in Australian areas noted that people who had lived in a home where loose-filled asbestos was used as insulation, about 1,000 homes were diagnosed with some form of mesothelioma and cancer. Out of that study, 32 present of men had colorectal cancer; and women’s results were a staggering 71 percent.

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Why Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation is Dangerous and How to Get Testing

If you suspect your home may have loose-fill asbestos insulation somewhere in it, you may not know how dangerous that can be. Even if you do know it can be dangerous, you still may not know that you can get your home tested for it, or how to do so.

Why is loose-fill asbestos insulation dangerous? — The problem with loose-fill asbestos insulation is that it was put into buildings in very small pieces. That means, because it is not in walls and under floorboards in large sheets, small pieces of asbestos can end up in the air.

If you happen to breath in that tiny piece of asbestos, it could get lodged in your lungs. That can cause infections, breathing problems and, in some severe cases, lung cancer.

How to get your home tested for loose-fill asbestos insulation — If you have decided you need to have your home tested for loose-fill asbestos insulation, it is actually easier to do that than you may think.

Just get online and look for an asbestos testing company in your area. Contact several of them and ask for a free quote for your particular testing. Hire the one that has the best reputation and that will do it for the most reasonable price.

What will loose-fill asbestos insulation testing entail? — The actual testing is not too complicated.

Once you have arranged for a date and time for testing, the technician will arrive on that day and begin testing the air in your home for loose-fill asbestos insulation.

Once he has taken samples of air in every room, he will then take samples of fibers he finds in walls and under floors.

These samples will be taken to a lab for testing, with the results usually ready within a couple of days.

Asbestos Removal


Asbestos removal

Before you build a house you have to carry out asbestos removal so that the place is safe. There are many companies that provide these services yet the clients do not know where they can find them. If you fail to get the services you might end up suffering from diseases that are associated with asbestos. There are many factors that you will have to look at before they can choose the company to hire. Most of the companies that have been offering the services in the industry are widely known by the clients who have been in the industry for long.

The equipment that the company uses to carry out the process

If you decide to hire a given company you have to be sure that it has to be in possession of the equipment that should be used to remove the asbestos from the soil. There are tools that have to be used by any firm that claims to offer the services to the clients in the industry. You can know whether a company has the ability to offer the best services by looking at the tools that they use. If the company does not have the modern tools that are used t remove the asbestos then there are high chances that the company employees might not be able to remove it fully.

Period of time

The company should be one that clearly states the period of time within which the clients should expect to get the job done. There is no client that has ever complained that they needed the services within a given duration and the company ended up not providing. The employees are people who have been trained well and always operate according to the work ethics. This is what has helped the company to grow fast. For more info click on loose-fill asbestos insulation.

Why is Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Dangerous and Why Do you Need to Have it Removed?

Anyone who thinks they have loose-fill asbestos insulation in their home or office should be making an appointment to have their property tested. Not only is loose-fill asbestos insulation very dangerous, it is also something the government mandates you take care of if you discover your building has it.

Why is loose-fill asbestos insulation so dangerous, and why do you need to have it removed?

The dangers — This type of asbestos is very dangerous due to its nature. Unlike a typical asbestos that was laid in thick sheets, loose-fill asbestos insulation is tiny pieces of asbestos that were pushed into walls, ceilings and into basement.

Due to their size, pieces can easily work loose and end up in the air you breath. If you breath in a piece of asbestos, it will usually get carried into your lungs. There it will stick to the inside of your lungs and over time cause an irritation. If not dealt with, it can lead to lung problems, cancer and even death.

How is loose-fill asbestos insulation tested? — An asbestos expert will come to your home or office and take air samples.

He will also remove suspicious looking material from inside walls, under floorboards, in attics and under sinks. The air samples and the material will then be dropped off at a testing lab, where they will all be tested for loose-fill asbestos insulation,

What happens if the test is positive? — If you are discovered to have loose-fill asbestos insulation in your home or office, and you live in Sydney, Australia, it is mandatory that your home is demolished and done so professionally.

In other parts of the world, the loose-fill asbestos insulation may be dealt with differently, so you need to check with the testing company before your testing commences.

Household Asbestos Testing

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     Asbestos is a substance that has been proven to have a lot of disadvantages to people as well as animals. It is therefore a requirement by many companies that any client who wants to build a house must ensure that he or she carries out the testing and removal process. This cannot be done by anyone who does not know anything about asbestos removal. There are specialists who know how to carry out research to see whether a place has asbestos or not. The choice a company to hire will depend on the following factors.

The cost of getting the services from the market

     Cost is among the most critical factors that anyone who wants to get the best services will have to consider. Once you are sure that the company will offer the quality services that you need the next step is to ensure that you get the goods at a good cost. There are many people who have been conned in the industry just because they did not know the companies they could visit to get them at fair charges.

The tools used by the company to provide the services

     It is obvious that a company that uses the latest technology to remove asbestos from the soil has higher chances of providing better services than a company that makes use of old techniques. Asbestos contains harmful substances that can cause cancer and it is upon the clients to ensure they get a company that can remove it without leaving any traces behind.

Why is this company referred to as the best company in the market?

     Most clients who have received the services will confirm to you that if you need the best quality services then you can visit this company. The company ensures that all the asbestos is removed from the soil before any construction can take place.

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What You Need to Know About Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation in Australia

2Do you live in Australia and think you may have loose-fill asbestos insulation in a building you live in or own? Are you wondering what you need to do about it?

If you do think you have loose-fill asbestos insulation in a building, under Australian law you must have it tested to find out. This is because it can be a very serious health hazard if it gets into the air.

How to get loose-fill asbestos insulation testing done? — There are companies around Australia that do testing for loose-fill asbestos insulation.

To arrange for testing, look for some of the companies on the Internet and get quotes for how much they charge for testing. In most cases, any loose-fill asbestos insulation testing is quite cheap, so do be sure to find out about the cost before you hire someone to do yours.

Once you have found a company whose prices you like, make arrangements to have them come by your home or office to do the testing.

How is loose-fill asbestos insulation testing done? — As loose-fill asbestos insulation can be anywhere in a building, a typical technician will test every room.

He will go around the building taking air samples in an attempt to find out if any loose-fill asbestos insulation has escaped into the air. He will also take samples of any insulation he finds under sinks or in wall cavities, as well as samples of any other materials he finds in sinks, in wall cracks, under floorboards and in attics.

How long to get the test results? — Once the testing has been completed, the samples will be taken to a lab for testing. This is usually complete within 24 hours, and the technician will then tell you the results.