Understanding What Loose-Fill Insulation Is

Loose-fill asbestos insulation is a form of insulation made out of raw asbestos, which is shredded into fine particles and then used as roof insulation, wall insulation, or ceiling insulation. This is the most common type of insulation used in many US homes. In most cases, when disturbed, loose-fill asbestos fibers can move along the roof rafters to other areas of your home, including walls and sub-floor spaces. When these fibers move along the rafters and walls, they can cause air leaks and damage to your home. You should consider adding this insulation to you home if it is available.

Loose-fill asbestos insulation basically the same as fiberglass insulation except that it has asbestos. One of the main disadvantages is that it will not be as dense as fiberglass blanket. It will also not be as thick and will not have as much insulation that fiberglass blanket would have. This will make it less effective than fiberglass blanket. Because of these differences it is highly recommended that you do not use it on your home or building. It is highly recommended that you contact a heating contractor if you choose to use this type of insulation on your home or building.

Fiberglass Blanket: This is the most common form of asbestos insulation and is used on houses and commercial buildings that are older. When you are buying this type of blanket, there are some things that you should know before you start laying it on your home. The main thing to know about this type of blanket is that it may not be as dense as a loose fill insulation. Therefore, if you do not plan on using it in the attic or a small room you may want to keep looking for another product that has the density that you need.

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