The Testing Of Asbestos


The Testing Of Asbestos.

Most important to remember when testing for asbestosis, do not do it by yourself. This material is hazardous and should remove any of the substance.

Suppose you believe that you have asbestos in your home. You should hire someone to come into your house to collect the samples themselves and send it in to get tested. The three places that the specialist will check for the substance are the air, building materials, and soil and water.

As asbestos is a very fine material, it can easily get into the air. When it is in the air, there are two types of tests that the labs run to test for the chance of a dangerous substance. The first test they will run is Phase Contract Microscopy or a PCM. But if the sample comes up negative with this test, then they will run a Transmission Electron Microscopy or a TEM test. With the second test able to test for such small samples. Most of the time, the labs will jump right to the TEM test.

With building materials, they will run a Polarized Light Microscopy or PLM. The test runs with a polarized light to pick up the presence of asbestos. This test shows how much of a percentage of asbestos in the given sample.

Having the two main ways to test the substance, environmentalists will run these tests to make sure that no one is illegally dumping asbestos. They will typically test either the soil or water of a given area. Read on loose-fill asbestos insulation for more details.

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