How Asbestos Testing is Performed



How Asbestos testing is performed


If you live or work in an old home or building and or your planning some renovations

It might be the wise thing to do in getting it checked out for asbestos. The removal process can be an arduous one, but nothing is too arduous for your health’s sake.

The first step in removing this harmful and dangerous material from your home or place of business would be certainly identifying it. Asbestos can be present in acoustic ceiling spray, linoleums, floor tiles, insulations, drywall joint compounds, and exterior stuccos and even roofing materials.

Here are some of the testing methods used currently, First thing is always to consult a professional, then for air samples from airborne asbestos Phase Contract Microscopy PCM

This method does not identify asbestos fibers; instead, it gives an overall gauge of the fibers presenting in an air sample. To test building material samples, there are several options such as

PLM polarized light microscopy, this method is what is most frequently used. This method allows testers to know the percentage of the asbestos within a specific material after the analysis. Soil testing is vital for the environmental investigations into whether or not illegal dumping of this dangerous substance has occurred soil tests are done using PLM but can also be use TEM. Analyzed TEM methods usually do water samples. However, with all potentially dangerous health hazards the best protection is to be informed and ready to act, please contact your local firm if you suspect your home or business might be contaminated with asbestos.

Please check loose-fill asbestos insulation for more.


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