What is the process of Abestos?


What is Asbestos ?

It is a group of naturally fibrous, thin fibers that were originally used to insulate homes because it was both fireproof as well as chemical proof. This material can potentially be harmful to one’s health if it is ingested. Here are a few steps to expect once you contact a professional to remove the material from your home.

 How do you cure the situation?

There are a few methods to properly test Asbestos in the home. The first step after suspicion should be contacting an FDA certified contractor that is able to remove Asbestos.

The first step in the process is to set up a regulated work area. This consists of the sealing of air ducts, which disables HVAC systems. Then negative pressure equipment is set up next which prevents the spread of asbestos fibers through your home. Most technicians use plastic to cover the floors, ceiling, and walls in order to protect the other surfaces in the home. These are steps to ensure that other areas are not be exposed to Asbestos during either the removal nor cleaning process.

Building materials are tested with PLM, otherwise known as Polarized Light Microscopy. This uses Polarized light to test the fibers for certain minerals in the samples. The professionals will dress up in their resistant attire and remove the positively tested material. Your home is then deep cleaned with a wipe down and a vacuum that removes all lingering particles. The vacuum is a high-efficiency particular air (HEPA), and it does a thorough job. After this final step, there will be surface samples done to ensure that all traits of Asbestos have been removed. To know more click on loose-fill asbestos insulation.

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