How Does Asbestos Testing Work and Who Should Do It?

Some people that know they may have asbestos hidden somewhere on their property will buy a do-it-yourself kit and do the asbestos testing themselves.

This is not only not recommended, it is also talked about as one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when dealing with a possible asbestos contamination.

In other words, if you know you need to have asbestos testing done, a professional company should be the one to do it. Here is how such testing works.

Safety — Many homeowners do not seem to understand just how dangerous exposure to asbestos can be. So dangerous, in fact, asbestos can cause severe lung and breathing problem and, in some cases, can even cause cancer.

This is the main reason why it is always recommended a homeowner should contract with a company to do it.

Companies are also highly skilled in knowing what material is likely to be asbestos and what is not. That immediately eliminates most false negatives and positives.

How does asbestos testing work? — The company you hire will send a trained technician to gather samples from your home. These will be taken in areas that are known to harbor the deadly substance, and in areas that appear suspicious.

The samples are then deposited at a certified and licensed laboratory where the asbestos testing is carried out under international specifications. The results of the testing will be sent to you within a couple of days.

What happens if the testing is positive? — If the material taken from your home is positive for asbestos, the company you hired will contact you with recommendations as to what you should do next.

To learn more about loose-fill asbestos insulation come visit us.

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