How is asbestos testing normally done?

loose fill asbestos

Homeowners that think they may have asbestos in their home often wonder how asbestos testing is done. After all, if they are not sure about the status of their property, then getting asbestos testing carried out is something that is a necessity.


A home testing kit — It is possible to buy a home testing kit, and take the samples for asbestos testing yourself. These kits are available from many online suppliers, and are extremely affordable.


The problem with them, however, is if you do not take the right samples, you could end up believing your home is asbestos free when, in reality, it is not. This is why it is recommended to only have a professional company test for asbestos for you.


Hiring a company for asbestos testing — A company that specializes in asbestos testing can carry out the work for you in just a few hours. The cost is also quite affordable. Especially as it includes the cost of having samples from your home tested for asbestos.


The testing itself requires a technician coming to your home to remove samples from areas known to often harbor asbestos. These samples are placed into small envelopes or glass vials and then taken to a certified testing lab. Tests are run to find out if asbestos is lurking in your home. If it is discovered that some or all of the samples taken are asbestos, a specialist from the company will then call you and walk you through your options. They will also recommend the solution they believe is the best choice for you and your home.


In most cases, this will mean having the asbestos removed. The testing company can also recommend companies specializing in asbestos removal. That way you know you will be hiring a company with a good reputation.

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