Five Signs You Might Have Asbestos-Related Illness or Other Household Problems

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Five Signs You Might Have Asbestos-Related Illness or Other Household Problems

1)Your Breathing

Do you have shortness of breath? The fibers can cause scarring on your lung tissue. That scarring is going to make it harder for you to breathe. You should get an inspection of your home right away. You should also talk to your doctor. Catch the problem before it gets worse.

2)Your Fingertips

Do you have swollen fingertips? It is a rare and subtle sign, but it does happen. It is called “clubbing.” Your fingertips swell and become broader. It has happened for more than half the case studies healthcare officials looked at.


Do you feel more tired than usual? That might be an indication that there is a problem. Talk to your doctor right away. It could lead to things like lung cancer if left unchecked.


Wheezing is caused when your lung tissue becomes inflamed. Some of you may remember this from when you got whooping cough at a younger age. This type of wheezing is somewhat different. Wheezing in whooping cough goes away after a while. This kind of cough does not go away. It does not matter whether you smoke or not. You could still be exposed.

5)A Dry Cough

This kind of a cough is different from a wheezing cough. This cough can linger and stay dormant for more than 40 years. In other words, you could have caught it when you were younger and not know it. It is persistent and does not go away. It is similar to someone who has developed a nervous cough. The same amount of scarring is on the lung tissue. You need to see a doctor.

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