Should you get loose-fill asbestos insulation testing?

asbestos 1

If you suspect a property you currently own or manage may have loose-fill asbestos insulation in the walls, ceiling or under the floors, you may also be wondering if you should find a company to help you find out.

After all, if you listen to the experts, loose-fill asbestos insulation can become a major health hazard.

Yes, in fact, loose-fill asbestos insulation can be very dangerous. Especially if it has been located in your property’s walls and floors for many years and has escaped into the air.

That is why most experts say you should have your home checked for it and, if tests do find it located in your property, deal with the problem as soon as you possibly can.

What is loose-fill asbestos insulation? — This is a type of asbestos that was used for insulation in homes several decades ago.

It tends to be seen as a health hazard as it is made up of very small pieces of asbestos. These pieces can escape from under floors and in walls and easily get into the air. Once there, they can be breathed in by you or a member of your family.

How to get your property tested — Thankfully, getting your property checked for loose-fill asbestos insulation is not difficult. Many companies do it, and the testing itself does not take long to do.

Find a company online that offers it and compare the prices they offer with other companies in your area. Choose the one that has the lowest price and that can come to your property to run the necessary tests within just a few days.

How long does testing take? — While it depends on the size of your property, in most cases it only takes a couple of hours.

Air samples will be taken around your property, along with samples of any materials that could possibly be asbestos. These samples will then be sent to a local lab for testing.

Testing itself usually takes less than 24 hours, so you will get the results quite quickly.


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