Guard Your Health


Guard Your Health

Asbestos has long been known to have been a huge mistake in use as building insulation. It is directly linked to multiple serious diseases. That is why it is so important to know if your home or business was long ago insulted with asbestos. If you find out that this dangerous substance is around you, it is important for your health to get it removed as soon as possible. This is especially the case for loose-fill asbestos.

Loose-Fill Asbestos

Most insulation in older buildings insulated in the 1960s and 70s was done with loose-fill asbestos. There were three main types of loose-fill installed back then: Crocidolite asbestos – “blue”, Chrysotile asbestos – or “white,” and Amosite asbestos – or “brown.” It can be quite difficult for the non-expert to personally identify whether a home’s blown-in insulation is asbestos bearing, much less exactly of which type. That is why it is best to have a professional service do the testing and any abatement work to remove it.

Get It Tested

The best way to find out if you have asbestos in your insulation is to send a sample of it to an officially NATA accredited lab that has the latest testing equipment and techniques. Only such a laboratory can give you the final answer as to whether your insulation is harmful or not. Be sure the lab you use only charges a fixed price for each sample you submit to them. However, be aware that it is not actually safe for you to collect such a sample yourself. That is because loose-fill asbestos exposes all the dangerous fibers to the air, meaning you may accidentally ingest some, even to simple obtain a sample. It is best to call on a professional service to do the testing in a safe way for you. Click on loose-fill asbestos insulation for more details.


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